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Her name is Nena. Rette Mich!

We Miss Carlo Karges. Play with your heart.

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9/15/2010 After a couple of trips down to the gas station and the local BBQ, I decided it was time to go on the jackstands. I can't believe somebody was driving her regularly like this! The left front wheel slops back and forth about 3 degrees due to the worn out steering parts underneath. Given the wear level, it won't take much to make big improvements. Brakes are all OK, no visible wear on rotors and plenty of pad. Great fun. A classy lady doesn't deserve such neglect.

Acquisition Photos

9/9/2010 About six months ago I came across the E24 while looking around for pricing for my 170K E36 which I thought of selling.

Meanwhile I kept glancing at E34s and during a recent out-of-state buy attempt on a E46 convertible, saw several E24s for sale at varying prices. Very cool car, I thought. The last few weeks, one showed up about 3 miles from my house on craigslist and I went to see it last Saturday. It ran - badly, but brakes, clutch, tranny all worked and it had no dents, rust, visible collision damage and most of the interior except the front seats was serviceable. So I bought it at a parts car price. It had sat for at least two years, being started from time to time for demos and never really warmed up. Misfires and low power characterized its behavior. It died on the 3 mile trip back to the house after it gradually slowed to a stop in the worst possible place on the route. It restarted and ran until I got it into the shop. Phew! It started a few more times while I attempted to check the rough running. It would run at low speed, unable to rev much, and finally died and would not restart. From experience I am expecting a clogged cat, but I need to do all the other checks first before I pull the exhaust off.

So far this is how it shakes out:

1. Cranks like a mutha!

2. Got good spark.

3. Cleaned the plugs.

4. Fuel rail has pressure - not gauged yet.

5. Putting raw gas behind the throttle plate does not do anything.

6. Vacuum at cranking speed is 2 in. Hg or less. MG is 10-20.l

7. Plugs were wet and black before cleaning.

8. Cranking with manifold open to more air, no joy.

9. Repaired Ref Signal and Engine Speed signal plugs, but need to check with meter.

10. Compression good, but not gauged.

Next steps:

Put in a tee and check the fuel pressure.


She Runs!

You'll have to follow the link now for progress. All the rest of the project steps will be on separate pages to keep this one from getting any bigger.

Steering Repairs

Wheel Bearing Saga

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