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Coming Out

On The Road 2001

This car has been with me since 1985. I found it on a used car lot in San Antonio. It was faded but straight, and it ran just fine.

The original Black Tulip was faded enough to rate a designation of "The Eggplant" by my girlfriend. After driving it for a while, I did a fast refurb on it with some new interior panels from Barry Stafford in England and a Maaco red paint job. It was pretty nice, but the cheap paint faded away and oxidized faster than I could clean it.

Racing car priority relegated the Eggplant to back burner status and it got taken apart next to the 510 racer. I planned to do a proper rebuild on everything.

Years went by. Finally I moved it to my home garage after we ran out of room at the race shop and started to work on it there. I had a huge upholstery table with all the parts spread out on it. For a long time.

One day, my good friend and crew chief, who happens to be a master car painter, suggested we strip it and really do a good job. After lots of hours and $500 in materials we had a shiny new-looking body.

Then I had to put it all back together. This brings us to about 1999.

By early 2001 it was running and garaged at my place near Austin. It took some short trips and then after 9/11 I decided the station wagon had to go in favor of the E36 which is a parallel thread on this site. Why drive an MG when you have a E36 convertible? With AIR CONDITIONING! The MG sat. A little garage queen, but neglected.

Cats pissed on it, in it and around it. The interior became almost destroyed. She suffered silently while I squired the DeutscheSlut until she too became in need of more botox. Now it's 2010 and I am getting back to The Eggplant along with the E24 work.

Happy Days


Someday I will find pix of the '49 Ford Club Coupe that goes with this time.